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Margot I. Hyland is a native South Africa.  In her mid-twenties, she left South Africa and traveled through Europe, settling in the USA a few years later.  She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA area of the USA.  Margot still spends much of her time in her birthplace and maintains citizenship in both the USA and South Africa.  She founded Catherine’s Inspiration for Kids as the first step in keeping a promise made to her dying mother, Catherine Nancy Hyland. Catherine Hyland’s vision was of a world in which brutal sexual violence and abject poverty became a thing of the past. It was her final request that her daughter Margot return to South Africa to aid innocent victims of child rape and lead the charge to end this abominable crime.


Margot’s experiences as a child growing up under the oppressive, separatist, Apartheid regime forever shaped her perception of the world and gave her the strength and drive necessary to spearhead the fight to end the pandemic child rape crisis going on in countries around the world.


The unfortunate reality that unfairness, prejudice and hatred exist in the world was a lesson quickly learned by a fair-skinned, young girl of mixed-race heritage in Johannesburg, South Africa during the reign of Apartheid. A victim of poverty, prejudice and sexual violence herself, Margot is determined to raise global awareness of the child rape crisis and make a difference in the lives of young victims.

Ms. Hyland currently holds several degrees including two from MCCC and one from Temple University. Her strong commitment to others is the natural result of the splendid example set by her mother, a missionary serving in numerous countries of Africa. Her father, Phillip Hyland, together with Dr. Clifford Smith were the earliest founding members of the Labor Party in South Africa.

An aspiring author, poet and screenwriter, Margot has spent the past year planning a trip to South Africa to film a groundbreaking documentary on the child rape crisis. She has made arrangements to meet with prominent members of the government in South Africa and surrounding countries, important members of the South African activist community, fellow humanitarian groups and health care workers currently working with victims, law enforcement representatives, tribal leaders and some of the victims themselves. She also plans on confronting some perpetrators. The documentary will take an in-depth look at both the causes and effects of the ongoing child rape tragedy.

Margot is also spearheading the planning of the African March of Millions, a historical event that will take place in Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday, October 7, 2006. This CIFKIDS event will raise global awareness of the child rape crisis, stir socially conscious citizens of the world into action and impel the government of South Africa and other countries to take a decisive stand against child rape.

A passionate advocate for “voiceless” victims of child rape, Margot will continue to fight for their cause, using every means available to her. With her committed direction and her mother’s inspiration, CIFKIDS will become a vehicle for change creating a lasting impact upon the lives of the most helpless victims.


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