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Catherine’s Inspiration for Kids (CIFKIDS) was founded by Margot Hyland in 2003 as a first step in honoring her late mother’s request that she return to South Africa and help abused, orphaned and abandoned children.


CIFKIDS’ mission is to bring the plight of child rape to the attention of the world, assist child rape victims, and initiate a plan of prevention.


CIFKIDS is focused on education and prevention for both victims of child rape and potential perpetrators.


CIFKIDS will travel to South Africa and the surrounding countries to film a mini-documentary on the child rape crisis, which we will use to raise both money and public awareness


We are organizing an African March of Millions - right up to the steps of the South African Parliament on October 7, 2006.


CIFKIDS has authored the Declaration Condemning


Child Rape petition, posted at


We are campaigning for one million signatures of likeminded, global citizens, who want the South African Government to take immediate steps to end the child rape crisis. These signatures will be presented to the South African President.


To maximize resources, CIFKIDS will partner with other organizations to bring comfort and relief to victims of child rape by building orphanages and clinics, which will provide these young victims with much needed medical and emotional care.


CIFKIDS will help victims and their families to become self-sufficient by starting cooperatives ranging from farming to producing and selling native-made products.


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